My story.

I grew up fascinated by shiny sparkly things. Looking back, I think my first love affair with jewelry began with Wonder Woman! Not only was she a superhero and a female role model for truth and justice, she also had gold cuffs, belt, a lasso and a crown! I was hooked. I wanted to be like her but I also wanted her jewelry.

Fast forward 17 years. I began selling high end ready to wear jewelry in my shop in Soho, NYC. I loved picking out unusual and one of a kind piece for my shop. Making people happy and celebrating with them. In a way, every piece represented me. But there was always a part of me that wanted to make something myself, with my own hands.

I have always tried to express myself creatively and decided to give jewelry making a try. I watched jewelers and pearl stringers work and asked questions. I first taught myself how to string pearls. Then I moved onto working with semi-precious stone beads and wire. I learned how to put various metal components together to create earrings and necklaces. I started making simple jewelry for myself and then for my friends and family. It’s been a process.

I get my inspirations from colors, objects, situations and even people. Sometimes I don’t know what I’ll be making until I sit down at my work table and look at my finds. Or I’ll see a person and a design germinates in my mind. My head is full of ideas waiting to be born.

I want to make peoples eyes light up when they see what I made for them. Just like mine where all those years ago watching Wonder Woman!

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